What is the required number of backlinks for me to see results?


Backlinks are necessary for Google to find your website, but how many do you need? The answer isn’t as simple as it seems. 

Your chances of ranking for the keywords won’t be depending on the competitiveness of the keyword space, your domain authority, and your competitors in your industry. 

In order to see results, we need to build a certain number of backlinks initially, but the backlink strategy doesn’t end here. There is constant re-crawling of web pages by Google, which makes search rankings unstable. In order to maintain high rankings, you should continue building bulk backlinks to your pages even after your initial results have been achieved.

The difficulty of SEO Keywords

A number of tools will tell you the difficulty level of a keyword on a scale of 1-100. Ratings like these are intended to give you an idea of how much work it will take to rank for a particular keyword. When difficulty increases, the number of backlinks required increases more rapidly. You probably need about 10 backlinks to rank on a keyword with a difficulty of 10. It may require 100 backlinks to rank if it has a difficulty of 50. 

The domain authority

Backlinking is basically a way of increasing the authority of your domain as well as the authority of the most important pages on your site. You can determine your starting point based on your current domain authority. You need a solid backlinking strategy if you have a brand new website and are starting from scratch. With a fairly high domain authority, ranking for more difficult terms will require fewer backlinks per page or keyword.

Research on competitors

You will need to check how strong your competitors are if you want to rank for the typical terms for your service or industry. SEO competition varies from industry to industry. There are many companies in your industry that don’t have SEO strategies yet, which makes competing with them easier. But that’s not always the case. Recently with local businesses, SEO technology for home services are used for gaining higher online ranking. By looking at how many backlinks your competitors have, you can get a good idea of what you should shoot for.

Stop there, but don’t stop there

A backlink strategy isn’t something you do once and then forget about. Having a natural rate of backlinks and having them never stop is what Google is looking for. In order to maintain a top-ranking position, you must consistently strengthen your backlink foundation with new links if you want to keep it strong. Your backlink-building rate will probably slow once you reach your goal, but if it stops altogether you can expect your results to drop. 

The BASE team knows what it takes to succeed with a backlink strategy, and we create a plan specific to each client’s needs. If you still have questions regarding the number of backlinks you need, contact BASE.

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