What is the 25th Island of Greece?

25th Island of Greece

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  • 25th Island of Greece
    • A popular Amorgos due to its similarity to “Between Us”
    • The 25th island in Greece
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The stunning Greek island of Amorgos has been making waves on the internet lately,

  • but not for its rugged natural beauty and secluded beaches. Internet sources refer to it as “the twenty-fifth island of Greece”.

25th Island of Greece

The increase in Cycladic island searches has nothing to do with summer vacation bookings or a new wave of interest in the Greek islands. Amorgos has become a meme because of its association with an extremely popular video game. Researchers linked reports about Amorgos to memes circulating on Twitter, where users urged each other to search for “the 25th island of Greece”.

Amorgos ranks 25th among Greek islands in terms of size. In honor of the popular game “Between Us”, this meme is called “Amorgos”.

Because it sounds like “Between Us”, it is a popular Amorgos.

When isolated and quarantined people were looking for new toys and activities to cure boredom last spring, “Between Us” made a worldwide storm, and it remains extremely popular today.

In the game, astronauts move around a missile ship performing emergency tasks. A swindler is among the crew assigned to kill the crew and sabotage the ship’s safety.

As soon as a player dies, the entire team, which can include strangers from all over the world, gathers to discuss the scammer and vote on him.

Flying under the radar or blaming another player will help the scammer deceive the rest of the team. Either the cook kills all the other crew members or he is discovered and removed from the boat.

Throughout the game, users see references to it in their daily lives, whether words that remind them of its name or shapes that evoke the crew’s emblematic characters.

It is the 25th island in Greece

Following the filming of “The Big Blue” in the late 1980s, Amorgos became a tourist destination.

This highly imaginative and fascinating story of friendship and sports competition between two of the most important modern liberators of the 20th century became one of France’s most successful films in 1988.

The seductive backdrop of Amorgos is once again positioned in 2020 as the seductive backdrop for a new international co-production. The film was based on Nana Neull’s feature film “Töchter” (Girls), based on Lucy Frick’s best-selling novel. Following the first lock in Greece, this was one of the first international co-productions to resume.

Despite the island’s geographical features, tourism is growing slowly. Boats are the only way to access it. There are three main tourist accommodations in Katapola, Iggali, and Chora.

Chora is located in the interior of Amorgos, near the island’s center at an altitude of 350 meters (1,148 feet). A protected village with whitewashed Cycladic houses, alleys, and narrow churches. A 13th-century castle sits within the Chora.

On various social media platforms, the 25th Island of Greece meme has gone viral. Users are asked to find the name of this island on the Internet. Only 227 of the 6,000 Greek islands are inhabited. Why do people only talk about the 25th island out of 6000?

In this article, Buzzfeed presents the 25 Greek islands that everyone should visit once in a lifetime.

Through a few words and images taken by Instagram users themselves, Buzzfeed presents a different view of the Greek islands compared to classic, “worn” photos.

A strange name appears on the screen when you search for the island on the Internet. While many users find it hilarious, others do not comprehend its logic. Unable to understand the content, social media users asked their friends for the meme. Someone told me to check out the 25th island of Greece, but why?”

Others deceive their fans by saying, “Don’t look for the 25th island of Greece, it’s the worst mistake of my life.”.

If you search for the name of the island, you will find it. Amorgos is the name of the island. If you’re an avid Among Us player, you’ll get this joke right away, but if you don’t play Amorgos, it might sound like any other word.

It went viral because players between Us associate the word “Amorgos” with their favorite game. The game is quite popular around the world, so the meme is also quite popular.

Despite the fact that these two words are not the same, they sound quite similar. Therefore, the 25th Island Of Greece’s name has proven to be humorous for Among Us players. There are some players among us who have taken this joke to the next level by adding a few extra features. Here’s how a Twitter user has reshaped this joke.

My name is Amon Gus. Amongst is my Pokémon, and I live on Amorgos, the 25th island in Greece. My family business sells suits and is growing. My brother, Amon Sus, gave me Lego # 26047 for my birthday.”

Along with this meme, players Among us have also found other hands that have become widespread on social media. In this popular game, players associate names and shapes with everyday experiences.

Ankara’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs paints 25 islands and 127 islets of the Aegean “gray” as disputed territories.

Several islands, islets and islets in the Aegean Sea and around Crete, where Turkey directly challenges Greek sovereignty, number 16 to 25, according to a Sunday newspaper article.

Turkey is also targeting another 152 (!) from Zourafa, east of Samothrace, to Gavdos in the Libyan Sea. As more and more people talk about the secret EGAYDAAK list, which reflects Turkey’s desire to paint the Aegean gray – and beyond – it is no accident.

In the same vein, the “gray” Imia, until recently, is now, according to Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Akuşo***lu, Turkish territory.

These are the islands listed in the Sunday newspaper Proto Thema:

The North Aegean: Zourafa, Antipsara, Fourni, Thymaina, and Oinousses

Sea of the Cretans: Dionysades, Zeus, Koufonisi, Gaidouronisi, Gavdos

Monks in the Central Aegean

In the Dodecanese you will find Agathonisi, Arkioi, Farmakonisi, Kalolimnos, Plati, Giali, Kinaros, Glaros, Levitha, Syrna, Pergousa, Kandelioussa, Big and Big Brother, Small and Big Sofrano.

A meme about Amorgos recently went viral on social media.

In the past, viral questions have included “Why were chainsaws discovered” and “What dinosaur has 5,000 teeth?”.

One of them mentioned the “25th island of Greece” by accident.


 Due to its association with the popular video game Among Us, “Amorgos” has become a popular meme. Without having to worry about your friends baking you, discover the natural beauty and secluded beaches of “Amorgos.”

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