What is Facebook Touch?


Facebook touch is an app developed for smartphone users to use Facebook more easily. We all know about Facebook, and millions of users worldwide use Facebook every day.

Facebook is the most popular social media program. People exchange their ideas and information with people all around the world through this platform. You can access the platform online through PC and also through phones. It helps people connect easily. Facebook touch was developed keeping touch screens in mind to provide a better interface to the user.

This article will give you details about this Facebook app and its installation:


Suppose you are wondering about this new Facebook app or have listened to it for the first time; it is nothing new it’s the same Facebook but for smartphones. The company launched this new app back in 2009, around 13 years ago. It was a step towards the new interface of Facebook.

Before the launch of this app, people used the Facebook mobile app to browse the online platform. It provided access to the social media platform and helped people connect, but its interface was difficult for new smartphones. The touch screens of smartphones required a new interface for Facebook to be used.

It works like all the other Facebook apps. It allows you to post chat and do whatever you want online. Touch Facebook app is for users with powerful phones and better internet connections. It provides a better display and runs smoother than the other mobile app. It is one of the best applications to run Facebook.

Normal Facebook App VS Facebook Touch

Both of these apps serve the same reason, but their performance differs. Facebook touch is supreme to the normal Facebook app in the race of performance. It has a very smooth display compared to the normal mobile app. It displays faster than its predecessor, and the display is just amazing compared to the old app.

When browsing Facebook on the normal app, the URL displays m.facebook.com. The touch app displays a different URL its shows touch.facebook.com on the screen. It has a different feel than the old app.

The old app consumes less data than this new touch version. SO, due to high data consumption, it displays pictures with better quality. Graphics are also of superior quality in this new app for Facebook. Smartphones with faster machinery work better with the touch app because smartphones are created.

The app cannot work on phones without a touch screen, making it obsolete for the old phones with buttons.

How to Download?

This new touch app is not available on the google play store, so stop now if you have been searching on the play store. The newer version is not available on the play store yet, but you can download it from google.

Type touch Facebook in the search bar and search for the app. It will display different sites that provide the touch app’s APK. Click on the top website and then download the APK. You will download the APK into the downloads folder on the phone. Now all you have to do is to install the application.

How to Install this App?

The installation process is very easy. You can install it just in a few steps, but first, you must download its APK. Through the following procedure, you will be able to install the app:

  • Go to the phone setting and search for the installation set.
  • You will find installation from unknown sources disabled, so enable it.
  • If you don’t have the APK on your phone, download it through the process written above.
  • Open the download folder and click on the APK file of the app.
  • Agree to all the terms and policies, and allow the settings for installation.
  • The app will start the installation; wait till the installation is complete.
  • Now open the new Facebook app and log in to enjoy your time with friends.

Is Touch App available for PC?

This amazing app is available for touch screen devices for better usage. New PCs and Laptops have touch screens embedded too. So, the app can work on them, but you need to download it to your device.

Unfortunately, the app is not yet available for the PC or other devices. Facebook has not launched an app that can work well with the PC or Laptops. For that, you will have to wait for some time till the developers launch an app for the PC.

However, you can use Facebook on PC by opening it in the chrome search engine or any other. You need to open the search engine and type Facebook. Open Facebook’s website and log in by entering your login details. You will be able to use Facebook on PC through this method.

Is there any better app than Facebook touch?

This app was launched way back in 2009, almost 13 years ago. Smartphones were just evolving back then and were not in the form we see now. This app worked better with new smartphones, but at the current time, it has become obsolete. The new Facebook app launched by Facebook for smartphones is way better and way faster than this app. The New Facebook app also has a user-friendly interface that helps navigate through different features. Facebook has also launched several new features like job and selling platforms that are not available on the touch app.

So, we can say that the touch app was fun. It has a great user experience and was better than any other app back in 2009, but now better Facebook apps are available to be used.


This article provides a detailed introduction of the Facebook touch app and compares the old mobile app and the touch app. The article also gives you a little showdown between the new Facebook app and this 2009 launched app.

You will also get information about how to download and install this app. I hope it will be great fun. So, download the app and enjoy.


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