Top 5 Spanish Courses in Seville

Spanish Courses in Seville

Seville offers more of the Spanish lifestyle than any other city, including warmth, friendliness, tapas, tradition, history, flamenco, and sunlight, if you’ve ever wanted to experience it. Seville’s year-round social scene is fueled by the city’s year-round pleasant weather and laid-back attitude. Following are the five best Spanish Courses in Seville:

1.Giralda Center

Since 1983, the Giralda Center in Seville’s historic centre, located between the ancient Puerta Osario and the Santa Justa railway station, has been welcoming students to learn Spanish. Intensive courses, one-on-one lessons, group lessons created for schools, colleges, and also universities, the internship programmes, as well as DELE prep courses are all offered at this language school accredited by Cervantes Institute- to suit students’ learning preferences, schedules, and financial constraints. This is the best among all Spanish Courses in Seville. Personal attention and involvement are ensured through classes with a limit of 10 students each session. Cultural events and extra-curricular language seminars are also included in the courses.

2.Centro MundoLengua

An institution authorized by the Cervantes Institute is located in the centre of Seville, only a few blocks from the cathedral. Schools, colleges, and universities may choose from a variety of Spanish language and cultural programmes, as well as educational trips offered by the language institution. Students of all levels, from beginners to advanced, may enroll in year-long Spanish language and culture programmes at Centro Mundolengua. Throughout the year, students from all over the globe travel to the city of Malaga to take part in these courses.

3.Sevilla Habla

Sevilla Habla, a language school in Seville’s historic centre, has been recommended by the city’s tourist authority for visitors who want to learn Spanish. With morning and evening classes available at Sevilla Habla, students with daytime obligations may benefit greatly from this programme. There are classes for beginners (A1) to advanced students (C1), with an average class size of six to nine individuals. This is one of the best Spanish Courses in Seville. The majority of their tiny crew consists of Spaniards, resulting in a warm and inviting environment. If you have any concerns about where to stay, how to get a visa, or how to apply for an NIE, please contact the school.


Clic (Centro de Lenguas y Intercambio Cultural) is dedicated to bridging the cultural and linguistic divides. The language school is situated in the heart of Seville’s old town and offers tailor-made lessons based on your schedule and level of Spanish. This is one of the best Spanish Courses in Seville. A wide range of courses is offered by Clic, including intense programmes and cultural immersion. The staff at Clic can help you find a place to live, such as a homestay with a Spanish family, a shared flat, a residence, a studio, or an apartment. All of these are in the city centre and can be reached on foot from the school.


Nearby Plaza de Espana and Gran Va lie the Cervantes International School, part of the network of such Cervantes Institute Accredited Centers. Classes in Spanish begin each Monday and are tailored to the students’ proficiency levels, ranging from A1 to C2. This is one of the best Spanish Courses in Seville. Courses may last anywhere from one to 36 weeks, depending on the speed at which you want to study and the amount of time you have to devote to the class. All of the professors at the school are native Spanish speakers and possess doctoral degrees in Spanish Language and Literature, as well as experts teaching Spanish to non-Spanish speaking students. Besides lessons, the school’s weekend activities and lodging are included.

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