Review Manga Under the Oak Tree

Under the Oak Tree

Under the Oak Tree is a beautiful manga available on two platforms online. It is one of the best manga’s presently online. The key factors are the storytelling and the emotions displayed throughout the story of this manga. Web novel and Webtoon are two platforms that provide you access to this amazing novel. It has all the characteristics to become the best, and you will want to read it out once. The following review will give you a little insight into manga. We will try our best to keep it spoiler-free for you.


The story revolves around a princess, the daughter of the Duke. Duke Croix is a proud man and also loves the family name. Maximilian is the princess but never received the treatment like one. SH suffers from the stuttering disorder, and due to this abnormality, her father hates her. He considers her a disgrace.

Her father treats her harshly and doesn’t like her. She develops an inferiority complex because of the way her father treats her. Maxi looks down on herself and is not proud of herself. She also considers her physical self-inferior.

King orders Duke Croix to fight against the red Dragon. Before leaving for the conquest, she marries his daughter off to a lowlife knight. Duke Croix didn’t like his daughter, so to free himself of her burden, he marries her off to the knight.

Riftan Calypse is a peasant knight but a brave man. After his marriage to Maximillian, they spend the first knight together. Riftan leaves the bide soon after the first night and doesn’t say a single word.
He goes on the conquest to kill the Dragon. After three years, the peasant knight returns as an honored commander. He becomes the dragon killer and a respectable commander. The Duke tries his best to stop him from returning to the city, but he returns. He comes to the city for the victory ceremony and takes his wife.

The story under the oak tree continues and shows their married life and their struggle. The reaction of the Duke on the return of the knight and how they reunite.

The Characters

Maximilian Calpyse

She is the daughter of the Croix family and the main character in this story. Maxi has a speaking disorder, and her father ill-treats her due to her stuttering. She is then married to a peasant knight to be sent away from the royal family.

Riftan Calypse

Riftan is the protagonist of the light novel. He is commander of the knights of remdragon. The knight is proud and brave. He is the husband of Duke’s daughter. He leaves on the night of his marriage and returns after three years as a Dragon killer.


He is a powerful wizard but always looked down on by other wizards. He is a harsh and rude man but cares about others. Ruth accompanies Maximillian on her journey to the Riftan and takes care of her. He is related to the knights of Remdragon.

Duke Croix

He is the main character’s father in this light novel, Under the Oak Tree. Croix is a tall, proud man who dislikes her daughter because of her disorder. He favors his young daughter over his elder daughter for his dislike ness.

Rudy’s Ain

She appears throughout the story as the main servant of Maximillian. She is an average woman who has a liking for Maximillian. Rudy serves her in the story and helps her throughout the story. She always keeps he head covered with a white veil.

Rodrigo Seric

He is an elderly servant in the Calpyse house. Rodrigo manages all the servants and takes care of the financial matters of the house. When Riftan’s bride arrived and took over the finance duty from the elderly servant.

Highlights of Manga Under The Oak Tree


The art shown throughout the story is just amazing. The characters are drawn with love and affection that it displays when you look at them. The art throughout the story reflects what’s going on inside the story.

Most of the comics and mangas cannot relate art and the story that is being told, but that is not the case here. The art and the story relate to each other in such a way that it increases the intensity of the story.

The artist’s style shows the passion for the story, and the use of color and lighting throughout is just amazing and commendable. The characters are drawn perfectly to the story, making you feel like you are living inside the story.


The novel appeals to the reader because of the details provided in the story. The story is in the starting stage but gives you many details about the world characters live in. It describes their surroundings, and even the economy of the place is also described.

The novel gives you a tour of their world and gives you a great look around. The world is mostly inspired by the middle ages in Europe and shows few glimpses of the time. Dragon and other fantasies inspire and amaze the reader. It is a romance novel, but the details it provides are just amazing. It is fun to read such a detailed novel and be very satisfied.


Character development in this light novel is just fantastic. The development of Maximilian’s character is a pure gem. The other character is also perfectly developed so that the reader can relate to them.


Manga Under the Oak Tree is an amazing work of the writer. It gives you a tour of a fantasy world. You meet the main characters and learn about their lives and get an idea about their hardships. The story provides detail about character and surroundings, which is just perfect.
You would love to read about this adventure’s love story set in the middle ages. The story is a premium story, but you won’t regret spending some amount on it. The story is continued and will bring more of your favorite characters.


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