How to Unlock Honeywell Thermostat Easily

how to unlock Honeywell thermostat

Locking a thermostat in the home is very important because kids always mess with it and change its setting. So, it is very important to put the thermostat on the parental lock, but sometimes parents also forget the lock pin. In such cases, people often find ways to unlock it. If you have a Honeywell thermostat at home and you don’t know how to unlock it, don’t worry. This article will help you understand how to unlock Honeywell thermostat?

Honeywell is a reputed company and has a big name in the United States. The thermostats made by Honeywell are of high quality so that you can trust their products. They are a big-name in-home appliance in the United States, and this article will focus on thermostats. The article will give you knowledge about thermostats and also how to unlock Honeywell thermostat?

What is a Thermostat?

A thermostat is a device that can help you control the temperature of your house. So, the device is linked to the air conditioning system of your house, and you can change the temperature of your house using thing device. Thermostats are a very important part of the house because you can use them to control the temperature and air condition of the house. You can increase and decrease the house’s temperature in some simple steps.

Thermostats are a blessing of technology now, and you can control the temperature of your house with a few clicks. Some thermostats have WIFI connectivity that allows you to change the temperature of your house while you are away.

Honeywell Thermostats

Honeywell is a big name in the United States of America, and it is a multinational organization that works on technologies. They have a wide range of home appliances, and the thermostat is one of them. They make the best quality thermostats that can help you control the temperature of your house. The full control of the house is always at your fingertips, and you can change it with just a few presses on the screen.

Thermostats are a blessing, but they can quickly change into a nightmare. Kids are the masters of the devil, and kids often mess up the thermostat settings. This can become a big problem for the whole house if they change the temperature and the password. If you also don’t know how to unlock Honeywell thermostat? Then it can be a big problem for the whole house as they will have to bear with the wrong temperature.

Parental Lock on Honeywell Thermostat

It is important to put on the prenatal lock on the thermostat. It will save the thermostat from the children. Turning on a parental lock is very easy, and you can do it with a few simple steps. Each Honeywell thermostat has a 4-digit pin that secures the device from unlocking. You can change the four digits pin any time. So, to lock the thermostat, open the settings on the device. In the settings, you will find the parental lock option.

Honeywell allows two types of locking on their devices; one is a partial lock, and the second is a full lock. You should apply a full lock to keep it safe all the time. Parents put on the lock pin but later forgets it. This can also cause problems, and the problem increases if they don’t know how to unlock it.

How to Unlock Honeywell Thermostat?

It is very easy to unlock a Honeywell thermostat. You can do it in a few simple steps, but the problem is that there are several Honeywell thermostats, and the unlocking method of each is different. This article will help you with the method to unlock them all. You can follow the method to unlock all the thermostats. The Honeywell thermostats are divided into two categories to teach you better.

T6 Pro Series

This is the latest series of the Honeywell thermostat. It is one of the best thermostats available the device has a lock system that can be unlocked in simple steps. Following id, the unlocking method of the T6 pro series.

  • Remove the thermostat and look for the four-digit pin on the back.
  • So, add 1234 to pin available on the back of the device, and the answer will be the key to unlock the device.
  • Press unlock on the screen and use plus/minus sign on the screen to add the pin.
  • So, press enter to unlock the device,

T4 Pro and All Other Device

The T6 pro series is different from all the other devices. The unlock method of all the other devices is similar so that you can unlock all other Honeywell thermostats with a single method.

  • So, remember the default pin, or you can find it on the thermostat pack.
  • Press unlock and enter the default key using the same plus/minus method.
  • After entering the pin, press enters to unlock the device.

Reset Honeywell Thermostat

Resetting is only available in thermostats that work on batteries. You can easily reset them using a simple hack. If you don’t know how to unlock Honeywell thermostat? Then you can reset the device to change settings.

So, to change settings, remove the device from the wall and remove batteries from it. Now put in the batteries ageing but in the opposite manner. Keep the batteries inside the device for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove them. Place the batteries inside in the correct way and turn on the device. The device will be back to its factory settings, so now, change the whole settings of the device again.

Price of Honeywell Thermostat

There are several types of Honeywell thermostats in the market, and the prices of all the devices are different. The common thing about all the devices is that their prices are quite moderate. You can buy them at a very moderate price online, or you can also buy them from a local store.


So, the article tells you all about the Honeywell thermostat. It also guides you through the locking and unlocking process of the device. So, if you don’t know how to unlock Honeywell thermostat? You can take help from this article. So, please read the whole article to understand the Honeywell thermostat and all the procedures to lock and unlock them.

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