All You Need to Know About Jordy Burrows

Jordy Burrows

Jordy Burrows is, or now we can say, was the husband of Nathalie Kelley. Nathalie Kelley is a famous Hollywood actress who has been part of many projects throughout her career, so she is a famous actress, and her relationship is notable too. She was in relation with her ex-husband for a long time before their marriage. The couple marries each other after several months of dating. The wedding also ended soon, and the couple separated before the lockdown. There is news that Nathalie is now in a relationship with a new person. She is seen around with this person a lot.

Nathalie Kelley

Nathalie Kelley is a famous actress working in Hollywood. The actress is 37 years of age and still looks pretty young. She was born in Peru on the 5th of October 1984. She has been part of some famous movies and TV series throughout her career. Her role in The Fast and the furious: Tokyo drift is very popular. People love the fast and furious franchise, although it didn’t go well lately, but people love it. All actors in their favorite franchise become dear to them, and this is the same with Nathalie.

She was also part of some other not-so-famous movies. She was part of several famous television series like Dynasty, Body of proof, and The Vampire Diaries. Vampire Diaries is one of her most famous works. She was also part of her favorite show, “The Baker and The Beauty,” she was playing the lead role of Noa Hamilton in this famous series. She is also part f some favorite music videos as the lead role.

Jordy Burrows

Jordy Burrow’s name became famous after its association with Nathalie Kelley. The couple is trendy and has been on the news for several reasons. Burrows became famous after his relationship with the actress, an internet personality. He was born in 1983, and no record of his birthday is available. Jordy is around 38 or 39 years old. He was born in Sydney, Australia, and had Australian nationality.

Jordy and Nathalie met through mutual friends, and then friendship became a relationship. The couple was seen several times goings out together; they traveled a lot back in 2018. The couple marries each other after dating for a whole in the same year. They took their vows on the 29th of April 2018. They lived a happy married life together, and the couple had no children together.

Couples Divorce

Their marriage was in the news as they quickly married each other. The wedding was going great, but everything fell off in the end. The couple was no more together in 2019 as they were living separately. The couple announced their separation in late 2019. Jordy Burrows and Nathalie Kelly do not have any children together. Their one-year marriage was rumor-free, and so was their divorce. The rumors about their separation were out early, but they announced it in late 2019. They both did it with mutual consent, so both were fine with it.

Burrows’ Career

Unlike Nathalie, Jordy is not a famous personality. He has his fan base on Instagram, but he is not a celebrity. He met Kelly through mutual friends in Sydney and then became a couple. Their marriage made Jordy Burrow famous worldwide. He has an astounding number of followers on Instagram and can promote local brands on Instagram. He is not famous, and people also don’t know much about his career.

Nathalie’s New Boyfriend

After her relationship with Jordy Burrows, the famous Hollywood personality and actress Nathalie Kelly is in a relationship with a new man. She also confirms him to be her boyfriend. The couple was seen together traveling in some pictures. The actress was seen with the new man Andres Alonso, the internet doesn’t have much on this new guy, but it will soon. Kelley has been sharing photos of her new boyfriend on Instagram. She also wished him a birthday.

Nathalie came into this relationship after his separation from her ex. This relation is not the reason for couples’ separation, as some people speculate about it. She is mainly seen around with Andres now sharing good vibes.

Some Rumors

There are some rumors about Nathalie Kelly and his co-actor Victor Rasuk. The actors are working together on their project “The Baker and The Beauty.” People speculate there is love baking up between them as they are often seen together. Their lovely romance on the screen and the delightful chemistry is also the reason for such rumors. People would love to see the two together if they somehow get together because people love their chemistry on screen, which will also look good in real life. Nathalie and Victor are silent about the rumors, and no comment from them.

The rumors can only be rumors because they will help them with their new project. As their relationship creates buzz, people will also want to see their work together. So, it can be a publicity move, but we cannot say anything right now. Things that happened anything can happen now after what we have seen in the last couple of years. Anything can happen in this world.

Jordy and Nathalie Personal Life

The life of the couple was very private. They were not publicizing their stories, and their relationship was very personal. The couple can be seen together on Instagram in photos, but apart from that, people don’t know much about them. People also don’t know much about their separation. People liked how they were keeping everything to themselves. The couple doesn’t have any children together even after one year of marriage.


We can say that Jordy Burrows and his relationship with Nathalie were outstanding. The couple married each other, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. We hope they live a beautiful life even when they are not together. There is no hate between the couple as they never said anything about each other in public after their separation. Now you know everything about this famous Hollywood couple and their marriage. I hope you like what you hear about your favorite stars.


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